Baby Oh Baby

What happens when, in the face of childbirth, a hard-charging, career woman finds herself looking down the double-barrel of her past and future? Ms. Ace battles with the demons of her childhood, balances mistakes of the past with hopes for her own children, and ultimately emerges laughing. What happens, for instance, when her first child simply refuses to be born? Or when that same precious child is expelled from music class – at age two!? These and other trials and tribulations of marriage, motherhood, living and loving set Ms. Ace and her audience on the journey of “Baby, Oh Baby”.


The Moth

Here is where you can get a snippet of Kristin’s storytelling gifts. Kristin went to her first Moth Story Slam in NYC and told the story of her second child’s entrance into the world. That evening won her the opportunity to participate in a Grand Slam event with many other talented Moth tellers. In her second story, she told of her experience with brutality and bullying.

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You Can Get There From Here

“Look out, there are girl-eating cannibals in those woods!” With a warning like that from her older brothers when she was 7, it’s no wonder Kristin Ace fears getting lost. Coupled with being directionally challenged, getting from here to there rarely follows a straight line. But then, as Kristin explains through her journey of one hilarious mishap after another, guidance comes from unlikely and unexpected sources. So that even when you are lost on a wooded mountain at night, with cannibals possibly lurking behind every tree, you will always be able to get there from here.

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I can’t remember when something had such a great impact

I can’t remember when something such a great impact ~ what a great message, I felt so happy afterward! Kristin is an Angel and definitely heaven sent.
– Pam M

March 9, 2015