GVK, Judith Diana Winston & the sacred glyphs

gvk-final-01How could a little symbol change your life? Just ask Judith Diana Winston and she will tell you all about glyphs. Not only is Diana is a prolific author~

Meditative Magic;The Pleiadean Glyphs

The Keeper of the Diary

But she also received important transmissions and brought forth sacred geometry glyphs~ these glyphs hold energy to a particular aspect of consciousness. They are “ancient wisdom and knowing for the upliftment of Mankind and consciousness.” They bring your thought into alignment with the Divine. And we all know that we can’t change our behaviors until we change our thoughts.

When I was in training to be a channel for the LaHo~Chi energy, my teacher, Dan Watson, gave us two glyphs to add into our spiritual toolkit. For me, life is so much easier to flow with when I have tools to assist! I focused on the “Creativity” glyph, because, creativity is not only my livelihood, it is my life. I knew nothing about where this design had come from or what it truly held. However, I trusted that Dan would not steer us wrong. And so, I have worked with and received from the glyph for 8 years now. Whenever I am “blocked” that is to say, get in my own way, I get quiet and meditate on the glyph. I wrote my second solo show while using the assistance of the Creativity glyph.

creativity glyph

Reach out to Judith Diana Winston at www.thekeeperofthediarybook.com 

Meditative Magic is a glyph workbook and you can take the glyph cards out to use easily. I may have started with only one glyph, but, now that I have access to all of them, I am tuning in, turning on and Receiving…xoK

GVK and Madison Charap delve into the Tarot

When Madison Charap contacted me, wanting to talk about the Tarot, I was delighted! Madison has been an intuitive counselor using the Tarot for 20 years and is now teaching the Tarot, so, she’s quite an expert.

I first came into awareness of the Tarot during my spiritual awakening. Through the waking period, I searched out all different practices to see what I identified with most. My search lead me to the Wiccan world and thus, to the Tarot. While I did not ultimately stay with the Wiccan community, I did keep the practice of the Tarot. I use The Fifth Tarot deck and I LOVE it!

I love working with the Tarot because it is a powerful tool that connects us with the spiritual realm. We receive confirmation through the cards. The morning that Madison was coming onto the show I did a deep meditation. I wanted to pull a card for our conversation. I was thinking about how using the tarot actually uses the aspect of three ~ the cards themselves, the practitioner or the person reading the cards and the Divine. After my meditation, I was guided to pick the three/Empress, a major arcana card. empressBefore ever “choosing” a card, I’ve already done a deep meditation. I am already grounded and centered and my ego~Kristin~is out of the way. I’m tuned into my Divine Self and Source. From that place, I ask to be guided in picking a card that will best serve me with the particular issue at hand. Then I wait to hear a voice in my head that tells me whether to cut the deck or shuffle and then when to pick the top card. The deck is face down and I do not see the face cards, so the fact that I got the number three (which is what I had been thinking about) and the Empress (who I think represents Madison), is not an accident. It is confirmation! I know that the Divine is with me talking to me, working with me and guiding me. If you would like to learn about using the Tarot or deepen your already working knowledge, please reach out to Madison Charap on facebook…xoK