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GVK and Queen Bee, Jillian Kelly

gvk-final-01Jillian Kelly, co~owner of the Asheville Bee Charmer, is one of my heroes. Not only because she is one of my oldest and dearest friends, but, because she lives her life with conviction and honor. Every step in her professional and creative path is done with 100% of her soul and life force. And at each phase of her life, she has built upon the thing before to create a fuller experience moving forward.


When I walked away from my 20 year pinpoint focus of acting to be an at home mother I thought, ‘all that time, all that training, all that love, done for nothing.’ Even though it was my choice to walk away, I still felt deep loss. But, the desire to create never left and that lead me to write and perform my own solo shows ~

Baby, Oh Baby and You CAN get there from here…

That in turn led me to a storytelling career that allowed me to be at home with my kids, yet pull from my acting training. And that led me to create the GVK podcast. Each aspect of my life building on the other. And with each new venture, my focus became less about what I wanted and more of how can I use my gifts and talents to serve.

abclogoAnd this is what my dear Soul Sister, Jillian has done. She has built upon her every experience to create a place that not only brings her joy and purpose, but, also serves. The Ashville Bee Charmer is a culmination of her artistry, healing work, business sense and love of the Earth. While caring for the bees, she teaches people about their importance. She is discovering new ways to integrate humans and bees with pollination for food. She is a truth sayer about the harm of pesticides to our world. She celebrates creativity with the bee themed products in her store. AND she sells some of the best tasting, humanly harvested honey on the planet. She finds a way to serve the greater good of all while making it sweet. Oh yeah, she is definitely one of my heroes…xoK

GVK and Dr. Stacey Radin get Brave

gvk-final-01The balance between male and female has been out of balance for eons. Women in the United States have come to view one another as competition. Whether it be for a partner, a job, a “look” or sex, it’s all about not letting the other one get it. We have very little solidarity. I can’t believe the way women look at one another, let alone what they say. I have far too often heard women use the term “whore” to describe someone she doesn’t like. And it all starts in middle school.

But, Stacey Radin, PsyD, wants to change all that. She wants girls to own their power. Because girls who own their power become women who are comfortable with their power. And women, who are comfortable with their power, join forces and make powerful positive changes for all of humanity.

When I moved in the middle of 9th grade from NY to MA, I experienced female behavior that I never even knew existed and was grossly unprepared to handle. I walked into a world of girls who were physically violent and emotionally abusive. They were jealous that I was “too pretty” and angry that I might “take their boyfriends”.  They tormented, tortured and abused me for many years.  I can’t say that I found the adult women much help at that time either. They too made judgements about how smart I was (and was not) according to what I looked like. And they were none too eager to protect me from the roving gangs of girls. One female teacher allowed a whole group of girls take me from the middle of my class to get beaten in the hallway right outside the door.

brave girlsIt wasn’t until I met my friend, Dawn, that I came to know a Brave Girl. She and I had just become friends when a girl from one of the many groups of girls who hunted me walked up to me. The girl said “I’m a cousin of a friend of someone who hates you and I’m gonna kill you after school.” My new friend, Dawn, looked hard at that girl and said, “No you’re not.” “Huh?” said the girl to Dawn (no one had ever done that before!) “No you’re NOT because you’ll have to go through me first!” Whoa. Seriously…whoa. That girl walked away and never bothered me again.  Dawn wanted to be my friend and wasn’t afraid of the possible consequences. She made her decisions on her own, with no care of the masses. And to this day, she is one of my soul sisters. Thus began my journey back to trusting, finding friendship and creating solidarity with my fellow females.

And, Dr. Radin wants to move the momentum of that solidarity forward in a profound way. She wants girls to learn how to express their desires, fears, hopes and dreams in a constructive and empowering group dynamic that will make powerful leaders of our future women. She created the program “Unleashed” for this very thing.

After connecting with Dr. Radin, I have found myself daydreaming about what life would have been like for me, had she been around to inspire all those girls and direct their feelings into something positive. I know that I chose this life and that my journey included that horrible time. I also know that my journey included meeting and sharing Ms. Radin’s work so that girls and women, all over the world, will unite to embrace our feminine power…xoK

GVK, Judith Diana Winston & the sacred glyphs

gvk-final-01How could a little symbol change your life? Just ask Judith Diana Winston and she will tell you all about glyphs. Not only is Diana is a prolific author~

Meditative Magic;The Pleiadean Glyphs

The Keeper of the Diary

But she also received important transmissions and brought forth sacred geometry glyphs~ these glyphs hold energy to a particular aspect of consciousness. They are “ancient wisdom and knowing for the upliftment of Mankind and consciousness.” They bring your thought into alignment with the Divine. And we all know that we can’t change our behaviors until we change our thoughts.

When I was in training to be a channel for the LaHo~Chi energy, my teacher, Dan Watson, gave us two glyphs to add into our spiritual toolkit. For me, life is so much easier to flow with when I have tools to assist! I focused on the “Creativity” glyph, because, creativity is not only my livelihood, it is my life. I knew nothing about where this design had come from or what it truly held. However, I trusted that Dan would not steer us wrong. And so, I have worked with and received from the glyph for 8 years now. Whenever I am “blocked” that is to say, get in my own way, I get quiet and meditate on the glyph. I wrote my second solo show while using the assistance of the Creativity glyph.

creativity glyph

Reach out to Judith Diana Winston at 

Meditative Magic is a glyph workbook and you can take the glyph cards out to use easily. I may have started with only one glyph, but, now that I have access to all of them, I am tuning in, turning on and Receiving…xoK

GVK and Madison Charap delve into the Tarot

When Madison Charap contacted me, wanting to talk about the Tarot, I was delighted! Madison has been an intuitive counselor using the Tarot for 20 years and is now teaching the Tarot, so, she’s quite an expert.

I first came into awareness of the Tarot during my spiritual awakening. Through the waking period, I searched out all different practices to see what I identified with most. My search lead me to the Wiccan world and thus, to the Tarot. While I did not ultimately stay with the Wiccan community, I did keep the practice of the Tarot. I use The Fifth Tarot deck and I LOVE it!

I love working with the Tarot because it is a powerful tool that connects us with the spiritual realm. We receive confirmation through the cards. The morning that Madison was coming onto the show I did a deep meditation. I wanted to pull a card for our conversation. I was thinking about how using the tarot actually uses the aspect of three ~ the cards themselves, the practitioner or the person reading the cards and the Divine. After my meditation, I was guided to pick the three/Empress, a major arcana card. empressBefore ever “choosing” a card, I’ve already done a deep meditation. I am already grounded and centered and my ego~Kristin~is out of the way. I’m tuned into my Divine Self and Source. From that place, I ask to be guided in picking a card that will best serve me with the particular issue at hand. Then I wait to hear a voice in my head that tells me whether to cut the deck or shuffle and then when to pick the top card. The deck is face down and I do not see the face cards, so the fact that I got the number three (which is what I had been thinking about) and the Empress (who I think represents Madison), is not an accident. It is confirmation! I know that the Divine is with me talking to me, working with me and guiding me. If you would like to learn about using the Tarot or deepen your already working knowledge, please reach out to Madison Charap on facebook…xoK

GVK and The Miracle Chase take two

gvk-final-01Rounding out my Miracle Month, I have the blessing to have The Miracle Chase women back for a second time.  This important and beautiful topic needed more time to be heard.

I used to think that a miracle only meant something dramatic and larger than life.  And believe me; I definitely got them that way for a long time.  I think that my Higher Self knew that in the beginning of my awakening, if it wasn’t big, I would drift away.

Since the time of my awakening, I have a deeper perspective about miracles.  I see them everywhere now.  And as I see them in the more subtle aspects of life, I find them to be more profound.  The more I know of our complete connection with Everything, the more I am wowed by the Earth, her creatures and our life upon it.  Witnessing a butterfly, bee or bird pollinating my garden is a miracle.  The return of the raccoon and the skunk with their broods to the place that I feed them each year is a miracle.  They have been coming now for over 10 years!

I am grateful for the miracle of my friends.  Long ago, I could not look to my family to protect and love me, so, instead I found that my friends would fill that space.  The right people always showed up in the nick of time to help me redirect before I fell into the abyss of darkness.

Now that the Light is my source, I see the every day miracle and the Divine miracle and they are one in the same…xoK

GVK chats with The Miracle Chasers

gvk-final-01Having The Miracle Chase women on GVK felt itself, like a miracle! It was a profound honor to share in their personal miracles stories which lead them on their miracle quest.

So, what is a miracle really?

a surprising and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore considered to be the work of a divine agency.
a highly improbable or extraordinary event, development, or accomplishment that brings very welcome consequences.

And while a definition is all well and good, I prefer life to give me my answers. Miracles have shown up in my life forever, but, it was only when I was awake that I could recognize them as such. Frankly, having a spiritual practice in my life is a miracle.

I was so wild when I was younger. Unpredictable, a bit crazy, and very ungrounded. I always seemed to be flying off somewhere. I couldn’t stay still to save my life and by the time I was in my mid-twenties, my life was in dire need of saving. I was in a soul sucking desk job (my parents wanted me to have a real job and not an acting job), my boyfriend was cheating on me constantly (while telling me how much he loved and needed me) and I was drinking myself into oblivion.

But, my friend Jill gave me the book, Out On A Limb, by Shirley MacLain and life changed. That book opened the door and helped me say goodbye to the job, the boyfriend and that self-destruction. That book was a miracle in my life. It opened the door to a spiritual practice that I deepen every day. It is that practice of getting quiet where I learned to see the miracles all around me. Most of all, it helped me see the miracle of me. That I mattered. I counted. And if I count, then what I bring into this world counts too. And so I began the journey of bringing in Light to dispel the darkness that had become so familiar.

I encourage you to buy The Miracle Chase and share in Joan, Katie and Meb’s journey. Because as we share our stories, we share our connections and as we connect, we experience the miracle of One~ness…xoK

GVK & Shakti Sunfire tackle fear

gvk-final-01Whether you know her as Laura Blakeman or Shakti Sunfire, her message is the same~you need tools at the ready to deal with fear. On Laura’s incredible website ~ The Rhythm Way ~ you will find yourself exploring practical tools to help you on your path to freedom.

One of Laura’s tools is to connect with nature. I completely identified with her profound statement~

“As soon as I go out into Nature…I remember who I am. I remember that I belong to something much larger than this…”

The key concept for me is something larger than the issue that is bringing up the fear. Now look, I’m not talking about the kind of fear that one experiences during some kind of violence. I’m talking about old fears that have a grip on you and keep you from raising your human experience from the age old fight or flight syndrome.

I can boil down my fears to very specific events in my life that were emotionally and physically traumatic. I received very clear negative messages from this time period in my life. Because of the young age that I experienced this, the groove that the messages created is deep and repetitive.

So, when those fears come up, I must be aware and awake enough to use the tools that I have learned over the years to reroute my thinking. To change my perspective on the issue at hand. Sigh. And for me, it’s all about my thinking. Sometimes, I simply be~lie~ve the lies that I picked up in my teen years. Then I end up spiraling down into the abyss of depression. And that happens because I forget that I have a choice on what to believe.

And I forget that choice because I forget that there is a power greater than myself at work in my life. For me, having a deep spiritual practice brings me peace during the storms of human~ness. AND, sitting on the Earth, with her amazing creatures and creations all around me brings me back into remembering that I am a spiritual being having a human experience faster than any mantra I have ever chanted! xoK

GVK and Sunny Dawn Johnston open to intuition

gvk-final-01Sunny Dawn Johnston knows intuition! She regularly converses with Angels and is quite comfortable with spirit communications. She is practiced in this awareness. But, what about everyone else in the world? Do you think this kind of practice is available to you? Trust me, it is! All you need to do is open up.

Let’s start with the definition

the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning

But, how does that actually work in your everyday life? With signs. A song, a license plate, an animal showing up…the list is endless in regard to how our spirit guides reach out. The communication will be specific to you and how you relate to your world.

I was recently selected to tell a story for a New Jersey story telling event. I always reach out to my Dad in the spirit world and ask him to sit in when I perform. I love his support in that way because he never got to see me tell my stories live. My stories are about healing the heart, healing the past and transmuting the pain and before he died, we transmuted the sorrows of our father daughter relationship. We made a new path for our energy so that we would not have to carry that burden into another lifetime.

Now, as some of you know, the way that my Dad shows up is as a red-tailed Hawk. So! there I am, walking into the building where I will be performing, and right in front of me is a car with a metal hawk spanning the top of the license plate, with the word the Hawk on the plate ~ I knew my dad was there!

So, I am open. Being open means listening. Not with just our ears, but, with our heart. I highly recommend reaching out to Sunny for guidance in how to open yourself to the guidance that is all around you. She can give you active tools ~ Invoking The Archangels ~ and even give you messages from a loved one who is now in the spirit realm. The time is now to expand how you receive…xoK

GVK and Christy Funk explore radical self love

gvk-final-01Coming across Christy Funk, of Radical Self Love /Women Who Want More, was a gift. The power of her work made me stop and wonder about my own self work. Because even though I practice self-love, I wondered if I was practicing it in a radical way. In other words, was I really honoring myself.

Christy Funk is offering you a free gift! Please sign up for her mailing list on the site below and then mention GVK to recieve~

a bonus coaching session valued at $150.00 &
a bonus PDF pack which includes Hot & Holistic tips to living healthy from food to beauty 

Bonus Package from Christy ~

In my late 20’s, I started to address the brutality of my teen life. I was in a very destructive relationship and this man made me feel so worthless. Yet, I stayed. When my father told me that this man did not deserve me, I woke up. My dad and I weren’t super close at that time, and in fact I was still carrying the wounds of his disapproval in my heart. So, for him to bring in my worth, I knew it was time to shift.

So, I went into therapy because I had very little coping skills and what I did have was destructive. One of the first “assignments” my therapist gave me was to look in the mirror and say “I Love You”. Holy shit, I could not do it. Could Not. I was so uncomfortable. S-l-o-w-l-y…I was able to say it, and relearn to love myself. I started to see my part in the dysfunction of my life and I began to CHANGE IT.

Self-love for me is about setting clear boundaries for how I will allow people to behave toward me. It’s having emotionally healthy and supportive people in my inner circle. It is about speaking my truth in the most positive way that I can find. I rest when I need rest, say no when need be, eat well and stay physically fit. Most of all, it is about loving myself where I am today.

Christy has now developed her radical self-love work into Women Who Want More. She has taken her work deeper still, which has expanded it. I am certainly a woman who wants more. I want prosperity, abundance, peace and love to be the dominant vibrations that guide our humanity. I believe this to be a possible dream. I know that it starts with me. I know that I put out what I have on the inside and radical self-love is the fastest way to achieve that dream.

And so, the answer is yes, I honor myself and I practice radical self-love, but, I am always ready and willing to go deeper~join me and Christy with this podcast…xoK

GVK explores trusting yourself

gvk-final-01Jennifer Urezzio and I explored the topic of trusting one’s self. Trusting the self takes practice. We certainly came into the world trusting ourselves, but, life happens and we start to lose ground.

I’ve got a gabillion experiences around Not trusting myself and all the trouble I got into because of it. The inner voice is the Truth, but, sometimes it just does not make sense. OR, in my case when I was younger, I simply did not care about the consequences and moved forward anyway.

I have definitely explored the dark side of life to see what it held, even though my inner voice or my Self, was screaming NO!! Seriously, sometimes my life played out like a scary movie, sans the monsters. Although, I did meet some humans along the way that could have doubled for monsters. And it was those experiences that left me wondering how I could ever make a sane choice and trust it again.

The key is sane. Most of the time that I was meeting and having uncomfortable experiences, I was wasn’t grounded. I wasn’t caring for myself in a healthy way emotionally or physically. So, when the voice came in to move me in a different direction, I was too fuzzy to truly hear it. Now, on a few occasions, that voice Screamed at me to wake me up, which is how I met my husband, Jeff (hooray Voice!).

Regardless of where you are in your process, Know that your inner self wants your highest good. You are not being “tested” (a term that I despise) by some outside force! You are here to thrive, so take a deep breath. Get a meditation practice underway, and learn to pick up the signals that are all around you to guide you into well being and love. Unless of course, you still want to wander around in the murkiness of uncertainty and fear. Want is the operative word here.

Jennifer has created a language of the soul to help you know who you are at your core which helps you maneuver in this world a lot more easily! Who doesn’t want more ease? I pick up every tool available to me and try it on for a while to see if it helps me be in the world in a more profound way. I have found Jennifer’s tool to a worthwhile investment!