GVK and Queen Bee, Jillian Kelly

gvk-final-01Jillian Kelly, co~owner of the Asheville Bee Charmer, is one of my heroes. Not only because she is one of my oldest and dearest friends, but, because she lives her life with conviction and honor. Every step in her professional and creative path is done with 100% of her soul and life force. And at each phase of her life, she has built upon the thing before to create a fuller experience moving forward.


When I walked away from my 20 year pinpoint focus of acting to be an at home mother I thought, ‘all that time, all that training, all that love, done for nothing.’ Even though it was my choice to walk away, I still felt deep loss. But, the desire to create never left and that lead me to write and perform my own solo shows ~

Baby, Oh Baby and You CAN get there from here…

That in turn led me to a storytelling career that allowed me to be at home with my kids, yet pull from my acting training. And that led me to create the GVK podcast. Each aspect of my life building on the other. And with each new venture, my focus became less about what I wanted and more of how can I use my gifts and talents to serve.

abclogoAnd this is what my dear Soul Sister, Jillian has done. She has built upon her every experience to create a place that not only brings her joy and purpose, but, also serves. The Ashville Bee Charmer is a culmination of her artistry, healing work, business sense and love of the Earth. While caring for the bees, she teaches people about their importance. She is discovering new ways to integrate humans and bees with pollination for food. She is a truth sayer about the harm of pesticides to our world. She celebrates creativity with the bee themed products in her store. AND she sells some of the best tasting, humanly harvested honey on the planet. She finds a way to serve the greater good of all while making it sweet. Oh yeah, she is definitely one of my heroes…xoK

GVK and Dr. Stacey Radin get Brave

gvk-final-01The balance between male and female has been out of balance for eons. Women in the United States have come to view one another as competition. Whether it be for a partner, a job, a “look” or sex, it’s all about not letting the other one get it. We have very little solidarity. I can’t believe the way women look at one another, let alone what they say. I have far too often heard women use the term “whore” to describe someone she doesn’t like. And it all starts in middle school.

But, Stacey Radin, PsyD, wants to change all that. She wants girls to own their power. Because girls who own their power become women who are comfortable with their power. And women, who are comfortable with their power, join forces and make powerful positive changes for all of humanity.

When I moved in the middle of 9th grade from NY to MA, I experienced female behavior that I never even knew existed and was grossly unprepared to handle. I walked into a world of girls who were physically violent and emotionally abusive. They were jealous that I was “too pretty” and angry that I might “take their boyfriends”.  They tormented, tortured and abused me for many years.  I can’t say that I found the adult women much help at that time either. They too made judgements about how smart I was (and was not) according to what I looked like. And they were none too eager to protect me from the roving gangs of girls. One female teacher allowed a whole group of girls take me from the middle of my class to get beaten in the hallway right outside the door.

brave girlsIt wasn’t until I met my friend, Dawn, that I came to know a Brave Girl. She and I had just become friends when a girl from one of the many groups of girls who hunted me walked up to me. The girl said “I’m a cousin of a friend of someone who hates you and I’m gonna kill you after school.” My new friend, Dawn, looked hard at that girl and said, “No you’re not.” “Huh?” said the girl to Dawn (no one had ever done that before!) “No you’re NOT because you’ll have to go through me first!” Whoa. Seriously…whoa. That girl walked away and never bothered me again.  Dawn wanted to be my friend and wasn’t afraid of the possible consequences. She made her decisions on her own, with no care of the masses. And to this day, she is one of my soul sisters. Thus began my journey back to trusting, finding friendship and creating solidarity with my fellow females.

And, Dr. Radin wants to move the momentum of that solidarity forward in a profound way. She wants girls to learn how to express their desires, fears, hopes and dreams in a constructive and empowering group dynamic that will make powerful leaders of our future women. She created the program “Unleashed” for this very thing.

After connecting with Dr. Radin, I have found myself daydreaming about what life would have been like for me, had she been around to inspire all those girls and direct their feelings into something positive. I know that I chose this life and that my journey included that horrible time. I also know that my journey included meeting and sharing Ms. Radin’s work so that girls and women, all over the world, will unite to embrace our feminine power…xoK