GVK and The Miracle Chase take two

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gvk-final-01Rounding out my Miracle Month, I have the blessing to have The Miracle Chase women back for a second time.  This important and beautiful topic needed more time to be heard.

I used to think that a miracle only meant something dramatic and larger than life.  And believe me; I definitely got them that way for a long time.  I think that my Higher Self knew that in the beginning of my awakening, if it wasn’t big, I would drift away.

Since the time of my awakening, I have a deeper perspective about miracles.  I see them everywhere now.  And as I see them in the more subtle aspects of life, I find them to be more profound.  The more I know of our complete connection with Everything, the more I am wowed by the Earth, her creatures and our life upon it.  Witnessing a butterfly, bee or bird pollinating my garden is a miracle.  The return of the raccoon and the skunk with their broods to the place that I feed them each year is a miracle.  They have been coming now for over 10 years!

I am grateful for the miracle of my friends.  Long ago, I could not look to my family to protect and love me, so, instead I found that my friends would fill that space.  The right people always showed up in the nick of time to help me redirect before I fell into the abyss of darkness.

Now that the Light is my source, I see the every day miracle and the Divine miracle and they are one in the same…xoK