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GVK and The Miracle Chase take two

gvk-final-01Rounding out my Miracle Month, I have the blessing to have The Miracle Chase women back for a second time.  This important and beautiful topic needed more time to be heard.

I used to think that a miracle only meant something dramatic and larger than life.  And believe me; I definitely got them that way for a long time.  I think that my Higher Self knew that in the beginning of my awakening, if it wasn’t big, I would drift away.

Since the time of my awakening, I have a deeper perspective about miracles.  I see them everywhere now.  And as I see them in the more subtle aspects of life, I find them to be more profound.  The more I know of our complete connection with Everything, the more I am wowed by the Earth, her creatures and our life upon it.  Witnessing a butterfly, bee or bird pollinating my garden is a miracle.  The return of the raccoon and the skunk with their broods to the place that I feed them each year is a miracle.  They have been coming now for over 10 years!

I am grateful for the miracle of my friends.  Long ago, I could not look to my family to protect and love me, so, instead I found that my friends would fill that space.  The right people always showed up in the nick of time to help me redirect before I fell into the abyss of darkness.

Now that the Light is my source, I see the every day miracle and the Divine miracle and they are one in the same…xoK

GVK chats with The Miracle Chasers

gvk-final-01Having The Miracle Chase women on GVK felt itself, like a miracle! It was a profound honor to share in their personal miracles stories which lead them on their miracle quest.

So, what is a miracle really?

a surprising and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore considered to be the work of a divine agency.
a highly improbable or extraordinary event, development, or accomplishment that brings very welcome consequences.

And while a definition is all well and good, I prefer life to give me my answers. Miracles have shown up in my life forever, but, it was only when I was awake that I could recognize them as such. Frankly, having a spiritual practice in my life is a miracle.

I was so wild when I was younger. Unpredictable, a bit crazy, and very ungrounded. I always seemed to be flying off somewhere. I couldn’t stay still to save my life and by the time I was in my mid-twenties, my life was in dire need of saving. I was in a soul sucking desk job (my parents wanted me to have a real job and not an acting job), my boyfriend was cheating on me constantly (while telling me how much he loved and needed me) and I was drinking myself into oblivion.

But, my friend Jill gave me the book, Out On A Limb, by Shirley MacLain and life changed. That book opened the door and helped me say goodbye to the job, the boyfriend and that self-destruction. That book was a miracle in my life. It opened the door to a spiritual practice that I deepen every day. It is that practice of getting quiet where I learned to see the miracles all around me. Most of all, it helped me see the miracle of me. That I mattered. I counted. And if I count, then what I bring into this world counts too. And so I began the journey of bringing in Light to dispel the darkness that had become so familiar.

I encourage you to buy The Miracle Chase and share in Joan, Katie and Meb’s journey. Because as we share our stories, we share our connections and as we connect, we experience the miracle of One~ness…xoK