GVK speaks up about the Divine Feminine

It is time for the Divine Feminine to be heard


The Divine Feminine must come into balance and equalize the world. As this happens, more and more behaviors/comments that were once thought of as common place will shift.  And it is the words of the powerfully eloquent Cheyane Reisner that will change how the feminine is viewed! Cheyane is a senior at Skidmore College, and get ready world, because she is going to change it for the better!

The Silence That Screams

by Cheyane Reisner

I’m grateful for the young women who come up behind me, for the women who went before me and for my own generation who continue to embolden the Divine Feminine. I wonder what my life would’ve been like had I been able to speak my truth so profoundly at a younger age. My confusion and anger over how I was perceived as a young woman often left me feeling powerless and from that feeling, I could not find my voice in a way that could awaken those around me. Not so anymore.

Language is so important and carries it’s vibration out into the world in a profound way. If we are allowing others to treat us, whether it be the entire female sex, one of our sisters, or frankly, anyone in a belittling manner, we allow that energy to feed degradation throughout the planet.

When we empower the feminine voice here in the United States, we do so for our sisters throughout the world. So we must focus on elevating our thoughts and comments. It is time for us to move out of the stone age mentality that has kept the imbalance of feminine and masculine power so off kilter…

GVK gets into healthy relationships

Our lives are full on about relationship on every level


And Adam Sheck, The Passion Doctor,  wants you to become more intimate, more honest and more real in your relationships. I do too!

From the relationship of a life partner to our relationship with our environment and the earth which we live on, we must learn to become intimate.

I learned to change the paradigm of the over and over and over again bad relationship after a huge wake up call. I started having anger blackouts. Only a few seconds here and there, but, it scared the crap out of me. I just couldn’t take it anymore and needed to change.

Everyone’s wake up call is different, but, after those little episodes, my threshold for emotional pain got super low. I decided that I was worth more than the “disapproving type” of person that I was allowing into my sacred circle. In fact, I realized that I was the sacred circle and I needed to surround myself with Divinity.

As we shed our fears and really begin to know ourselves from a Divine perspective, we learn to make healthier choices. Each choice that supports our Divine Self echoes out into the world and supports other Divine energy. That energy will move toward you and support your shift toward Health and Love…

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GVK wakes us up

Wake up, wake up, wake up! 


Why? Because humanity has slumbered long enough. You have slumbered long enough. It has been eons now. We must understand that we are connected to everything, even down to the quietest, quietest thought. You are master creator, creating your universe and experiences. That is why you came and that is how the Divine sees It’s Self ~ through your creations.

Silent Awakening by Tina Malia

I did not know this fact for the longest time. I was in the dark.  All these terrible things happened to me and I carried them with me feeding them nurturing them and creating a universe where they were the only truth. But that was only one aspect of the story of what happened to me

Do you know the Native American story about the Black Wolf and the White Wolf? I like the story below because it acknowledges that we have those dark forces within ourselves but we also have the ability to guide and move with them and not let them overtake us.


We have the ability to be in balance with the Light and the Dark, both inherent in our nature.

And that’s what waking up is about. It’s about not  letting the darkness take over. It is about knowing how you feel, speaking your truth in a way that brings about positive change and being who you are in a positive way. Transmuting your pain and opening to a path of abundance and joy. From there you can then affect the universe in a positive way ~ your universe, your world…

GVK gets into emotional eating

shutterstock_223243450-300x252Emotional eating ~ erg! Why do we do it? Wellllll, because we have emotions that we don’t have the tools to cope with! Even when I have all the tools, I sometimes just get
overwhelmed. Sheree Druskin and Caren Laboy of The Nutritious Moms have some great substitutes for us and really great ideas to help us move through the rough spots in life without sabbatoging ourselves with food that does not support us.

My kids are in their teen years and let me tell you, if I make it through this with my sanity in tact, I will consider myself blessed.  Not only is it painful to watch my kids maneuver around in the hormonal imbalances and emotional ups and downs, but, it brings my teen hood screaming to the surface! And these deep emotional things tend to propel me into emotional eating. The only way to move through it is with tools.  The tools help me heal myself and then become a positive mirror for them.

For a long time, those tools were all kinds of substances.

I thought that they would quell the  intensity of my feelings. They didn’t and so now I don’t. Then all of a sudden I realized that I was using food the same way that I used other things. Just trying to fill that empty hole in my soul. Sigh. The only way to fill that “hole” is with a spiritual practice. That can mean whatever you want it to mean, as long as it effects you in a positive nurturing way. Nature, self help groups, writing groups, 12 step groups, theology, yoga, empowerment seminars are just a few ways to follow a nurturing spiritual path and gathering healthy tools for life.

I walk a very deep spiritual path now ~ this path saved me from myself, from my own inner demons. There was no other answer for me, and that includes food as well.  Believe me, by the time I got to this understanding, I had tried Everything out there…xoK