GVK gets into healthy relationships

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Our lives are full on about relationship on every level


And Adam Sheck, The Passion Doctor,  wants you to become more intimate, more honest and more real in your relationships. I do too!

From the relationship of a life partner to our relationship with our environment and the earth which we live on, we must learn to become intimate.

I learned to change the paradigm of the over and over and over again bad relationship after a huge wake up call. I started having anger blackouts. Only a few seconds here and there, but, it scared the crap out of me. I just couldn’t take it anymore and needed to change.

Everyone’s wake up call is different, but, after those little episodes, my threshold for emotional pain got super low. I decided that I was worth more than the “disapproving type” of person that I was allowing into my sacred circle. In fact, I realized that I was the sacred circle and I needed to surround myself with Divinity.

As we shed our fears and really begin to know ourselves from a Divine perspective, we learn to make healthier choices. Each choice that supports our Divine Self echoes out into the world and supports other Divine energy. That energy will move toward you and support your shift toward Health and Love…

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