GVK wakes us up

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Wake up, wake up, wake up! 


Why? Because humanity has slumbered long enough. You have slumbered long enough. It has been eons now. We must understand that we are connected to everything, even down to the quietest, quietest thought. You are master creator, creating your universe and experiences. That is why you came and that is how the Divine sees It’s Self ~ through your creations.

Silent Awakening by Tina Malia

I did not know this fact for the longest time. I was in the dark.  All these terrible things happened to me and I carried them with me feeding them nurturing them and creating a universe where they were the only truth. But that was only one aspect of the story of what happened to me

Do you know the Native American story about the Black Wolf and the White Wolf? I like the story below because it acknowledges that we have those dark forces within ourselves but we also have the ability to guide and move with them and not let them overtake us.


We have the ability to be in balance with the Light and the Dark, both inherent in our nature.

And that’s what waking up is about. It’s about not  letting the darkness take over. It is about knowing how you feel, speaking your truth in a way that brings about positive change and being who you are in a positive way. Transmuting your pain and opening to a path of abundance and joy. From there you can then affect the universe in a positive way ~ your universe, your world…