GVK storytelling on lost and found

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It is my sincere belief that we cannot ever be truly lost. The Divine is everywhere just waiting for us to open and receive. So many times in my life I’ve thought ~ I’m Lost! I’ve taken the wrong road! I’ve gone the wrong way!

But, in reality, the road I was on was the one my soul needed to experience

the road

I look back on some of those experiences and I think ~ ‘those are some seriously painful events’. I used to lament those times and cry out WHY?  I seriously don’t have the answer for some of those things. What I have now is an understanding of where it eventually took me. There was so much information I gathered from an event or so much love that appeared after the pain.

If I hadn’t gone down the road of unhealthy relationships, I don’t know that I would have truly appreciated my magnificent husband. Some people don’t need that experience, that information, but, I did. My heart got trampled, and my husband’s love not only transmuted that pain, but expanded my understanding of love.

Have I been lost at times? Yup. But, I have always been found because as long as I open up and take one tiny step toward allowing, Divinity rushes to me, embraces me and lights my way…

artwork by Michael Whelan