GVK’s storytelling about the inner voice

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We all have a Higher Self, an inner knowing, an inner voice. It is part of our Divinity and It connects us to All That Is. When I first starting waking up from my self induced slumber, my inner voice took to bellowing at me to get my attention! Now that I am aware and in tune with the Divine, getting my messages is about getting quiet enough to hear it.

Getting quiet has never been my strong suit.  As a teenager, I walked around school singing at the top of my lungs. My high school boyfriends’ father banned me from his business because when I came in to visit, I was too loud.  Theatrical voice training was a breeze for me. I can still reach to the back of a 350 seat theatre with no microphone!

But, here’s the thing, most of the time I was screaming because it helped blot out the negative chatter in my head. It helped ease the pain in my heart.  Getting quiet was so difficult. As soon as I sat and Allowed, the chatter began ~ “you’re never going to be able to do that, who do you think you are? you’re not smart enough, why can’t you be like…? “And so off I would go again to be loud. But, I kept at it. I kept at it because I noticed huge changes when I allowed the quiet, even for  a few minutes. And slowly the negative voices drifted away and the Divine messages poured in.

And then, life itself shifted. I found myself running into people who enjoyed my energy, who shared my enthusiasm, who would hold my hand when the sorrow came. When I actively listened to that inner voice I went from living a most perilous emotional and physical life to find finding peace and acceptance sense of purpose sense of self. Because,

your inner voice will always lead you to Love