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GVK soothes the inner child with Carolyn Riker

gvk-final-01The words of Carolyn Riker wash over me like a warm ocean wave. What she can do with words makes my soul sing. So! imagine my thrill when she came onto the show so that we could chat about the inner child.

Your inner child is a very active and vibrant part of your everyday life. And if you are not in touch with that inner child, that child will be running show and you won’t even know. Ever have an emotion well up that is so powerful that you can’t breathe? Yup, that’s your inner child needing to be heard. There is a saying “if it’s hysterical, then it is historical” ~ meaning that the issue that has brought you to your knees it is from your past.

The inner child ~ profound, unveiled, un~inhibited, free and shining ~ that’s how we come onto this earth. The child inside all of us has things to say; whether it’s joy and rainbows or sorrow from a pain that they did not understand. The first time I connected with my inner child, she reminded me that I that I love to lay on the grass and watch the clouds go by so,I brought that practice back into my life.

It is vastly important to begin the dialogue with that inner child because whether you know it or not that inner child drives your decisions, your feelings and your reactions. Unless you and that child are working together as a team and that child knows that it is loved and honored, you will find yourself reacting to things as if you were that child!

After my conversation with Carolyn, my husband called to discuss the school situation that we handled for my daughter just the day before. There’s still a great deal of emotion surrounding it and how she is experiencing her teen life. I stepped out of the car walked up to the door, and there, in my garden, were four goldfinches! My guardian angel shows up as the goldfinch. And because I am in communion with my inner child, she is always helping me to take pause and look around. And when I do, I see the wonder that only a child can see. I see that gift of reassurance from Mother Nature…xoK

Carolyn’s Poem
Nothing could take her from her daydreams
I saw her today.
We sat in a distant memory.
Quietly I watch her contemplate the universe; she held it in her eyes.
The cotton dress appeared sunny and her hair firmly tied until she could set it free.
She might have been about three. The apple of youth had fallen too soon from her favorite tree.
She sat closely with the stars and felt the earth move through her feet.
Nothing could take her from her daydreams.
Each blink we had was in rhythm; I felt her breath remove a pane of glass from my heart.
And in the softest voice I could find in my mind I told her how much I loved her.
She whispered back with eyelashes laced in morning dew, I love you too. I’m glad we made it this far.

To read more of Carolyn Riker’s profound work check out her blog 

Hold My Hand by Hootie and the Blowfish

GVK with Eric Ruhalter author of Phrazzlers

Laughter was the medicine of the day when I talked with Eric Ruhalter, the author of the book Phrazzlers. This is a book of words that Eric made up to describe the crazy things kids do, from the parent perspective, like~ “peehearsal” ~ one of the frequent accidents that occur before potty training is successfully completed.

We laughed a great deal during this conversation! Mine and Eric’s children are in the teen years. But, oh, the book brought us back!! And while it made us laugh, we also talked about the loneliness of parenting. Eric’s discovery that the book made parents feel less alone was awesome. It was a gift that he was not expecting.

Sticks and stones can break my bones, but, words will never hurt me ~ I believe that adage is grossly incorrect. In my teen years, I was deeply hurt by words thrown at me and about me. Words carry energy and that energy spirals around and since energy does not die, what happens to the negative things we say in haste or judgement or pain? I think it swirls around out there until it is transmuted and shifted. Eric’s book is a great way to transmute some of that negativity and add joy to the world. It is a way to tip the balance in favor of positive energy. Those early years of parenting were very lonely and very stressful. Everything is always happening for the first time, because each child is different! I feel that we have lost something valuable with how our society parents today. We tuck the primary care giver away (in my case, most of us were women) in their homes, with “playdates” here and there to break up the monotony and confusion of parenting. Here I was a hard core career woman, avidly pursuing my acting career when I had my first child. All the books and seminars could never have possibly prepared me for how my life changed when Landon was born! It was so much of a world spinner that I wrote a solo show about it called

Baby, Oh Baby 

that explored the surprises of new parenthood! More on that another day. Until then, check out Eric’s youtube promo video for the book called~ 

                                                                                  Kids Are Not Normal 

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