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Kristin and Green Diva Meg dream a big dream

I love talking about dreams. And by dreams, I mean the kind you long for, the one that gets you up in the morning ~ the one that makes your soul sing. We all have that thing that we Know that if we could just find a way to make it happen, life would be sweeter. Sometimes we put it away because life seems to hurtle us to another dimension, but, that thing, the thing that you still hold close to your heart, it is still inside you waiting to be born.

My dream was a long time in the making. I had to go through a lot of transmutting before I could find my true Voice and let my True Self shine through. I have had zillions of jobs from every possible venue as I have moved along in my life. My Soul Sister, Jillian, keeps asking me to write a book about the wonderful, insane and life changing experiences I have had (maybe someday, but, I think it would make a better movie!) Each one of them helped me hone my gift of storytelling. When I look back, it was the jobs that gave me the most pain that moved me closer to where I wanted to be because it was a booming example of what I did not want. And as I gathered information on what I did not want, it helped me become clear about what I did want. But, for me, the Dream is more than what I want (because if I had gotten all that I wanted so far, I would have drastically shortchanged myself) but, it is something that personifies who I Am. Which leads me to knowing myself on the Soul level. It leads to the clarity that I Am Divinity made manifest on this Earth here and now, and understanding that leads me to the Dream that supports what makes me special as that Divinity. And it took me a long time to see myself in that realm, and frankly, sometimes I forget and get mired in my human experience. But! That is where my soul friends and my partner in life, Jeff, come in!!! 

So, to all of you Dreamers ~ bring it forth and manifest your deep high vibrational desires to spread joy and love onto this Earth!! 

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GVK & Elizabeth Murphy talk about dreams

Elizabeth Murphy calls herself the “organization whisperer” and I call her a facilitator of dreams. She has helped numerous organizations from health to the arts by bringing their dreams into a reality. And that got us talking about dreams ~ what they mean to us and the messages we have received. Elizabeth and I have all experienced premonitory dreams ~ dreams that give you a slice of the future. Elizabeth had a dream that was a slice of a day from September 11th, the day the Twin Towers fell in New York City. She had this dream for years, until the actual day when it manifested. My premonitory dreams feel Super alive. The colors are more vivid, the sounds more crisp and I feel ultra alert in them. Elizabeth and I have come to listen to our dreams and look to them to guide us through our waking lives. Or as Elizabeth says ‘live in the world behind our eyes’. Elizabeth talks about how the teachings of Caroline Myss the medical intuitive, changed her perspective and helped her embrace what is unseen in our lives. Carolyn asks do we want to have an “au de toilet, cologne or a perfume” life.  And we all agreed that the perfume life is something we all desire and that life will look different for everyone.

Elizabeth had always wanted to write poetry and had the great fortune to meet and talk with poet Seamus Heaney and be inspired by him. We talked about the book One Wild Life by Clare Mulvany and taking the leap into your desired life.

 Poulnabrone Dolmen

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